Diane Lynn Presler

About Diane

picture of Diane Presler

Diane Presler, from northern Ohio, has always been involved with drawing and painting. Her semi-rural childhood, full of ice-skating on ponds, snow ice-cream, and wandering through fields and back yards informs her interest in nature, story-telling and imaginary worlds. Diane holds a B.S. in Graphic Design from the University of Cincinati, 1986. Diane attended undergraduate courses in printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute, 2004-2006. Exploring Printmaking was a wonderful intersection of a process reminiscent of graphic design and the storytelling aspects of personal art. Her passion lies in making things. Currently Diane is working with layered watercolor and egg tempura images, meant to invoke stories from the viewer. She works with geometry, to provide a harmonious structure, and a foil to the free mark-making and transparent layers. The interweaving of color, marks, and discernible images prompt the viewer to become engaged with the art, and inspire the telling of stories.